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Old 10-14-2008, 10:50 PM
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Default Official Lurch Info

For anyone coming here to check out when/where the Lurch will be, here's the main LurchBlurb.

"Whether you want to fight for zombie rights, eat living flesh or devour human brains, the DC Zombie Lurch is for you! Lurching only costs $5, & you'll be helping homeless, abused, abandoned & neglected animals to boot! If you want to donate more that's great, but we're asking for a donation of $3 to help the ASPCA, & $2 for a non-negotiable, nominal fee so we can afford all the good stuff that's in store! (Such as performers, etc.) It's not much, but you'll be doing a great deal of good with every generous penny. And every little bit helps!

At 4pm we have a Pre-Lurch Meet ní Makeup at the Monument. Then, @ 5pm, get ready for a night of true zombie fun! First we'll zig-zag around the city, & then we go underground to hit the Metro @ Judiciary Square! From there we'll ride just a bit up to Silver Spring, where we'll take a quick shamble over to The Piratz Tavern! That's where we'll be ending our Lurch, and where WE PARTY!! Plus there'll be zombie-themed food n' drink, performances, & lots of other fun stuff! So if you like makeup, costume/costuming, theatre, horror movies, zombies, the undead, George Romero or just wanna do something cool & unusual, come join the ghoulish goodness! Hope to see you there!"

For offical route info n' other neat bits, check out our LJ or Mspace Pages at myspace.com/dczombielurch or dczombielurch.livejournal.com.

Thanks so much for looking! ^_^
Nae (The LurchMistress/"Lurch Lady")
Zombie Rights?
"Undead? Yes! Unperson? No!"
"End Vitalism Now!"
"Glad to be Grey"
--From "Reaper Man" by Terry Pratchett
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