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Old 08-31-2011, 01:46 PM
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Default Zombie walk etiquette


A Zombie Walk is a public event and it is very important that you understand that you are required to adhere to a code of behaviour that delineates expectations of the organizers, the general public which includes pedestrians, motorists, stores & businesses, and other people's property, and of course law enforcement.

The following Etiquette guidelines must be followed to ensure public safety, compliance with the law, and to secure future Zombie Walks by fostering positive sentiment towards this event. Please follow these guidelines for a safe and fun experience for everyone.

1: Keep Your Bloody Hands To Yourself. Do not under any circumstance wipe, smear, or splatter blood on anything but yourself! It is considered vandalism to deface public & private property with blood.

2: Do Not Rock Cars, Climb Buses, or Bang On Windows of any kind.

3: Do Not Litter! Place all empty make-up packages, tissues, and blood containers in trash cans.

4: Avoid nudity as this is a family event with lots of little zombies running around.

5: Stay on the designated path. Do not meander in and out of opposite traffic lanes. Don't block traffic! Police might interfere and disperse the walk.

6: Obey Traffic Signals-Unless there is a police officer controlling traffic at the intersection - A Red Light means STOP!

7: Do not harass anyone who isn't enjoying the experience. Not everyone will know what's going on, or find it as amusing as we will. Please do not try to scare little children. Don't touch or bite strangers, ever!

8: No drugs, no alcohol. The walks are outside and we do not want anyone getting arrested for public intoxication. Alcohol will be served inside licensed establishments during pub crawls or after parties.

9: Do not impede sales at any business en route. By all means stare hungrily at people inside of shops and restaurants, and again please don't leave bloody hand prints on their windows!

10: Do not force your way into any business establishment if you are not welcomed there.

11: ANY WEAPONS SHOULD BE CLEARLY FAKE Brightly coloured toy guns and toy guns with the obnoxious orange caps on the end are a must, if a gun is part of our costume. Absolutely no replica weapons, the word replica implies "like the real thing." DO NOT aim, point, or fire any weapon at someone's face.

12: NO PART OF YOUR COSTUME SHOULD SQUIRT OR SPRAY ANY LIQUID. This sounds like fun. But don't do it. It will piss-off bystanders, and could get someone assaulted or arrested as well. Also please don't apply fake blood to the point where you are dripping it all over other people and the sidewalk.

13: If you see someone else breaking the law or about to do something that will get them assaulted or arrested, politely remind them of Zombie Walk Etiquette and save them from themselves.

14: REMEMBER- Just being dressed as a zombie and and wandering about moaning is chaos and fun enough. If there is damage to stores, arrests, assaults, or a big mess made, then future Zombie Walks may be in jeopardy.

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Old 06-20-2016, 07:33 AM
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Thanks for sharing this informative post. It was really interesting to read it.
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