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Old 09-11-2010, 07:48 AM
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Default Iowa City Zombie March, Sept. 18th, 2010

Release Date: September 6th, 2010 12:00am

Itís that time of year, again: Zombies will invade Iowa City for the 5th Annual
Iowa City Zombie March on September 18th, 2010!
Walk with your un-dead brethren through the streets of Iowa City in the light of day. With all yourgore and glory, letís mob the city! Be one of us because you are a Horror movie fan, because you
love costumes or to make a statement. How often do you get to participate in something this weirdand free? Not to mention raising money and awareness for various charities at the same time!

When: September 18th, 2010

Where: Meet at Happy Hollow Park at 3:00 for make-up help. Show up in costume at 4:30 to learn about local charities and make donations. Money, human and animal (dog & cat) food donations
greatly appreciated. We will start walking at 5:00.

What: Walk from the park to down town Iowa CityÖending up at the

Why: To raise money for flood relief, as well as get the word out on several smaller, more local charities.

After Party: Join us at the Yacht Club @ 9:00pm for a concert by Wylde Nept! to benefit National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Sponsors are:
Alter Ego Comics in Marion (3rd time sponsor!) http://www.alteregoia.com
Anime Iowa (3rd time sponsor!) http://animeiowa.com/
the Deadwood (4th time sponsor!) http://www.deadwoodic.com/
Dewey Street Photo Company DeweyStreetPhoto.com
Critical Hits Games (3rd time sponsor!) http://www.criticalhitgames.net/
Gamicon (3rd time sponsor!) http://www.gamicon.org/
Scotty Potty of Nemesis Tattoos (2nd Time Sponsor)
RealtivelyDead @Gmail.com
Glassando (3rd time sponsor!) http://www.glassando.com/
I.C.O.N. (3rd time sponsor!) http://www.iowa-icon.com/
KingZombie.com (5th time sponsor!) http://kingzombie.com
Mindbridge.org (3rd time sponsor!),
TalkLikeAZombie.com (1st Time Sponsor)
Wylde Nept ( 2nd time sponsor) http://www.wyldenept.com/

Go to ZombieMarch.org or our FaceBook fanpage (ZombieMarch.org) for more details!
For More Details and Information Contact me!
"Diversity is our Strenghth"

"Life is Wasted on the Living"
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