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Old 06-07-2008, 11:26 AM
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Default Zombie Walk Tórshavn 2008

I'm living in the Faroe Islands at the moment, so am planning a walk here (Tórshavn) this year (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it might be the first walk ever here.)

Now, as far as the date is concerned, I wanna do Saturday the 11th of October. Any earlier is too early I suspect, any later, and I'll be back in Iceland. So for the time being, unless *I* say different, assume it's the 11th. Now a country of only 49,000 people, might be hard to do this with a large swarm, but I'm sure we can get hopefully 50-80 people out, but even 15-20 would be a success in my books.

As far as starting points, and routes, a basic idea I've been turning over in my head is this.

Start at the Hotel Fřroyar (Oyggjarvegur, 100 Tórshavn) Then walk to the city centre, it's about 2-3 kms, a decent shamble for even the quickest zombie

Anyway. Then continue through downtown, and to the harbour. We'd have to be careful here, so we don't disturb anyone working, or get the place to bloody etc, but I talked to a couple foremen, who said they wouldn't mind if there weren't too many of us, and we stayed out of their way, and at a respectable distance. Walking from the west harbour to the east one, would be a sizeable journey, especially while shambling, but the atmosphere of the port is fantastic, and it'd be a blast I think. Anyway, from there I say we head back into downtown, and finish up at the city hall. Then back to the hotel for a drink or two. My girl works at the nightclub in the hotel, so maybe we could get some sort of deal or somthing. I'm not sure though, so don't get your hopes up.

That's all for now guys. I'll be in touch though. I'm going to e-mail the mod of the site to see if he can add the Faroe Islands as part of this forum in the title. Seems silly to make a seperate forum for such a small deal, but if anyone was interessted in reading up on it, I'd like them to see it right away, and I don't want the posts and updates to get lost in the other bigger forums.

Anyway, cheers guys

Ekki hafa fyrir ţví ađ leita byrgis á einka eignum, sama hversu örugg ţau virđast vera.
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