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Old 07-25-2008, 02:38 PM
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Default Ben Nye

I love Ben Nye products too. I can tell you for sure that Ben Nye spirit gum is the strongest I have eve used.

If you want a weaker one (to get over your fear). Try Mehron. If you can't find it, let me know, I'll send you some. I literally have gallons of it.

For our kits we use Mehron Spirit Gum and Ben Nye Spirit Gum remover.... for all the reasons mentioned above.

Savini, Savini... Well maybe you are not him, but it's high time for some new names to do some new things...

Don't get me wrong. I <3 George Romero... It's just time for some fresh, young ideas.
so, be it,
Zombie T
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Old 07-26-2008, 02:41 PM
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That's true, I mean I love all these new lower budget horror movies being made. In a lot of cases they actually turn out being scarier.

I think part of the problem is CG. More CG = less make up and props and what not. I can say with some certinty that I hate CG. Well not really hate it, I just hate when big budget movie makers use it because they're lazy. CG should have one purpose. To show things that are either immpossible or unfeasible to create manually. Not to do everything because you're lazy. Perfect example is the Alien movies.

The first one scared the piss out of me, and the second one is arguably one of the scariest movies of all time. After that they turned into a joke. Why? Because CG is used so much we can all tell it. Even the best CG still looks fake, and as movie goers, that takes away from the movie, and makes it seem silly. I have a lot more respect for a movie that takes the time to make a convincing suit, and use make up, or even a puppet (like the Alien Queen) than I do for a movie that uses CG for everything.

Sorry, I kinda went off on a rant there. Anyway who knows. I'd love for a whole whack of new makeup artists to take over the scene, and it seems like there's a new zombie movie in theatres every other weekend. So there's definetley a lot of make up needing to be done. I guess we just need to get people motivated. Which is one of the many reasons why this site is so great.

It'll be interesting to see how World Zombie day plays out this year. If it all goes well it should attract a fair amount of media attention. Having that many zombie walks all going off at the same time worldwide would definetly create a buzz. If it plays out the way I hope it will, it'll be interesting to see what happens the following day. The next generation of Tom Savini's could be a mere 92 days away from being discovered.
Ekki hafa fyrir v a leita byrgis einka eignum, sama hversu rugg au virast vera.
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