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Default Roswell, NM Zombie-Walk...?

This is something I just thought of doing a few minutes after hearing about this, and remembering my costume plans of a zombified raver.

But yes, this would be a chance for all of us zombie-loving, Eastern New Mexicans to get down with our undead selves. Currently, I think the best places would be the Roswell Mall (we could even do it as an "opening" for the Halloween days), Cahoon Park (poorly lit = scare some kiddies and old people), or maybe a few others locations.

Thing is, I have not a clue when we should set-up shop, how to really organize, or even how to get the word around that much.

So, come this weekend, I'm going to try handing this link over to some of the local radio stations, and see if maybe they'd like to help organize, spread the word, etc.

For now, if there are any people from other parts of New Mexico, namely Eastern, that might want in on this, want to help out, tell people, by all means, do so. Even better, contact me through my MySpace (the WWW link; it's supposed to be a "band" page, but has no music yet), AIM/MSN, or my e-mail (also linked to buttons somewhere), and we can work some stuff out.

Now that talking is done, let's all get some tasty brains and flesh, eh?
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