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Default Kitchener ZoMbie WAlk: 8

Kitchener ZoMbie WAlk with the; Waterloo Region. I Scream HorrorFest! is in the final stages of building an event for those who love Halloween events of the like.

The Kictchener ZoMbie'z are back, they are huuuuuungry and they are not staying 6 feet under any longer! On October the 15th the living challenge will rise once again for our 8th year event in Kitchener,

DATE Saturday Oct 15 2016, 12pm -3pm
PLACE Kitchener Public Library - 85 Queen Street North,

Please note; We are asking that all walkers to bring a non perishable food to be donated

Other INFO :
More information in this event can be found at:
and on Facebook at:

Hope to see you there
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