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MŠnnÝng 06-07-2008 11:55 AM

Zombie Walk ReykjavÝk 2008
I'm living in Tˇrshavn, at the moment with my gf, but I'd still like to organise somthing in ReykjavÝk this October.

The zombiewalk I'm planning for here will be on Saturday the 11th of October 2008 (See my other post)

So, depending on when I can get back to Iceland, will depend on when this year's walk will be. Either before or after the 11th, I'd prefer after, since it'd be closer to Halloween, besides, earlier means it might not even be October. Not a big deal I suppose, zombies don't need to wait until October to attack, but it just seems better I guess ^_^

Anyway, the 25th will be all the costume parties, and clubbing night, so while that's a great time to dress up, I don't want to have to compete with night clubs, and businesses etc for participants (plus I plan on going out that night also.) The only other Saturday is the 18th, which has promise, but if we don't do it then, we'd have to do it mid week sometime, which could work, but I'd rather not. I definetley want to avoid the Sunday though, coz these things usually go pretty late and all, and I don't want to get anyone in trouble on Monday.

So I'd say the 18th is the ideal date, but I'll think about it, it's still early. The week leading up to Halloween may work also. Halloween is on a Friday this year, so the Wednesday, or Thursday might work if need be, but that's leaving it a bit late, which always makes me nervous. Anyway, feel free to toss me suggestions. Like I said it's still early, and I'll post more prominent threads once I know more, and as we get closer to Autumn, and October.


PS - As far as starting locations for the walk itself, I was thinking either the Parliment House (Seems appropriate, since most politicians are zombies ^_^), or the Dˇmkirkjan (Churches and Zombies seem to go together, I always thought) off of LŠkmargata and B˙khl ST. Not that I think they're upset with us, but just be be safe, and to be respectful to the building, after what happened last year, I think it may be wise to steer well clear of City Hall though :)

But again please drop your ideas off. I'm open to any and all suggestions.

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